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AP European History, Honors World History II, World History II

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Accessing Student Progress:

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School Supply List: 

Notebook or Binder with lined paper 
Pens and/or Pencils 
Headphones compatible School Issued Chromebook 
Optional: Index Cards

Course Descriptions:

World History II:
Guided by the SOL’s, World History II will enable students to examine history and geography from 1500 A.D. to the present in preparation for the end-of-course test. The geographic, political, social, scientific, and technological developments made throughout this period will be studied. Though the knowledge of names, dates, and facts is vital, this course will engage students in historical thinking and analysis that enables them raise questions and marshal evidence using understanding, comprehension, analysis, interpretation, research, and decision making.
Honors World History II:
The above description also applies to Honors World History II. Due to the Honors nature of this course, the students will be required to complete additional assignments than their standard World History 2 peers. On a regular basis, students will complete assignments that require them to interact with historical concepts on a deeper level. While some of these assignments will be completed in class, others will require the students to work outside of class. Students will complete writing prompts based on primary and/or secondary sources, analyze historical evidence, participate in academic debates, and assess the social, cultural, economic, and political impact of historical topics. In addition to these  supplemental assignments, the Honors  students will complete a historical research project on a topic of their choice. Throughout the course of the year, the students will learn the process of conducting historical research and presenting their findings. The students will be given benchmarks to reach throughout the process for this research assignment. These benchmarks will serve as grades in addition to the overall final grade for the research paper and presentation at the end of the year. These additional assignments aim to prepare students for upper level history courses, both at the AP and collegiate levels. 

AP European History: 
AP European History is a challenging college-level course that is structured around the investigation of five course themes and 23 key concepts in four different chronological periods from the 1450 C.E. to the present. Besides covering the relevant historical facts from these eras and linking these facts to the analysis of the themes, the course requires you to master nine historical thinking skills. During the year, you will be provided with the opportunity to examine primary sources, such as documentary material, pictorial and graphic materials, maps, political cartoons, statistical tables, and works of art. In addition, you will be provided with exposure to both factual narrative and to the interpretations of European History from the perspectives of a variety of different writers and historians. Historiography is the history of history. You will be examining how people have thought about and written about historical events over the course of time. You will also be provided with the opportunity to develop your analytical and interpretive writing skills, practicing short answer questions as well as document-based and long essay question essays. In addition to an AP style multiple choice test, you will be writing at least one essay in every unit.

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