Medication Reminder for Parents




  • If your child is on medication please request a separate bottle from the pharmacy for the school clinic. All medicine must be in the original container.
  • Parent or guardian must administer the first time dose of any new prescription medication or any over the counter medicine that the child has never taken before. The parent should be in close supervision of the child for at least 12- 24 hours to detect if any serious reactions occur.New medication should not be administered for the first time at school

  • Please do not send medication to school by the child.A parent or guardian needs to bring the medicine to school.
  • A physician’s authorization is required for all prescription medication, herbal medication or doses higher than the bottle recommends.

  • A parent or guardian signature is required before medication will be administered.

  • Medicine must be picked up at the end of the school year; any medicine not picked up will be discarded

  • The Authorization to Administer Medication form is only good for one school year

  • Any changes in prescription medication dosage must have a physicians order.Each medication requires its own medication form.

  • Non-prescription medication will be administered as instructed on the box, unless accompanied with a physicians order instructing to do differently.

  • Acetaminophen ( only) and emergency use Antihistamine are available in the school clinic providing there is written parent permission on file.

  • Parent may be contacted by the school nurse if Acetaminophen is requested more than twice in one week.