Financial Aid


You can start applying for FAFSA on October 1, 2022. You should apply as soon as you can to make sure your financial aid award is posted before the first tuition payment is due to your college/university. 

There are 3 ways to apply

  1. Recommended: Apply online at

  2. Go to and download a PDF version of the FAFSA to complete and mail or fax for processing.

  3. Call 1-800-4-FED-AID (1-800-433-3243) and request a paper application.

Please note that many four-year private institutions have resources in addition to federal and state aid. When comparing financial-aid packages, you should consider the amount of grants, academic scholarships, loans, and work-study awards you are offered from each school. Don’t hesitate to call the Financial Aid Office of the college/university you are planning to attend with questions. Also, check out the college/university website in which you are applying/attending for more FAFSA information. 

Financial Aid resource websites: (Source of information from the US Department Education) (Online study help, financial aid information, career development) (Pell Grant, student loans, work study, government funding)


Seniors and/or parents, click here to fill out the Google Form to be added to the Scholarship Email List if you want to receive scholarship information/newsletters. You can also type this link into your browser to be taken to the Google Form Email [email protected] for scholarship questions. All Scholarship information will be sent out by email. Scholarship newsletters will also be available on the Scholarship tab on our Counseling Website.

We advertise all scholarships that we receive. However, there are millions of scholarships that counselors do not receive. Don’t forget to check out the bottom of scholarship newsletters for additional scholarship websites/resources. College/University websites are also a great resource for finding school specific scholarships. Lastly, make sure to be aware of scholarship scams. If you are applying to a scholarship that was not advertised through our office, do your research, and make sure it is legitimate.