Club Information
The 2016-2017 year will see many changes within the 21st Century Program, including brand new clubs! The 21st Century aims to sponsor new clubs, in order to minimize normal dues students would have. 
 Science Club: Salt Water Ecosystemaquarium

Staff Representative: Mr. Zachary Rhodenizer
When: Varies

"Students will get the opportunity to gain hands on practice utilizing scientific techniques that will serve as valuable experience and an opportunity to apply what they have learned in the classroom in an engaging project. Due to the regular upkeep required by a salt water ecosystem, members of the science club will need to participate multiple times per week, usually every other day, which will help them hone their skills. This upkeep includes the use of various pieces of scientific equipment, including but not limited to: pH meters, hydrometers, litmus paper, as well as the care of live specimens. Because the reef tank is a true, self-contained ecosystem, the impact of human beings on the environment can be experienced firsthand by all involved."

 Technology For Students 

 Staff Representative: Ms. Kim Larsen
When: Thursdays 3:45 - 5:30 PM
Where: Library

Students who sign up for this club will get a free 16G flashdrive, and have the option to check out his/her own chrome book to use for the rest of the school year. First come; first served!
Introduction to Game Programming

Staff Representative: Mr. Larry Bivens
When: TBA
Where: TBA

Students are given the opportunity to create projects in programming or animation.  Students will work thru tutorials in order to gain the necessary skills to create their projects.  We will be working with Adobe Creative cloud programs, Blender, Unity, C#, Java and JavaScript.  The students will determine their own pace to complete their projects.  Instructor will be available for any questions or procedures students don't understand.