21st Century Grant Program

The 21st Century Grant Program is funded by the Virginia Department of Education, and allows us to provide after school programs and events to enhance your student's academic experience. We will focus on:

  • Making the transition to high school easier
  • Improving SOL scores and academic performance
  • Allowing your student to make up credits at their own pace
  • Hosting career camps so your student can explore a career path
  • Helping you and your student prepare for the transition to college

Who are we?
We are your teachers, paraprofessionals, bus drivers, volunteers, community liaisons, and local business owners. When you or your student participates in an activity sponsored by 21st Century, you will always be led by an employee who has been background checked and screened through the Bedford County Public School System. 

Is there a cost associated with the programming? No. Because the 21st Century Program is funded by a Department of Education Grant, there is no cost to your student. All college credit courses, career exploration trips, tutoring, SAT/ACT preparation, and other activities are free of charge. 

What activities do we offer? See the left hand-side toolbar for information regarding our current offerings. Our main focuses include credit recovery, tutoring and remediation, college credit, career exploration trips, and after school clubs. If there is something that you'd be interested in that is not listed, feel free to contact us directly! We would be happy to consider your suggestion. 

 MrsHowes  A Message From:
Mrs. Kelsey Howes, Grant Coordinator

"I am proud to coordinate the use of this Grant within Staunton River High School, and believe in providing educational opportunities to all students. Every student has the ability to succeed if given the opportunity, and that's just what I intend to do this year! If you have any suggestions, please reach out to me. I am passionate about my role within SRHS and want to ensure the best use of our funding; and that begins with you!"