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Club Descriptions for the 2017-18 School Year:
Art Club  Book Club Chess Club 
Disc Golf Club Diversity Club Debate Club
Eagle Pride Club Family, Career, and Community Leaders of America Fellowship of Christian Athletes
Forensics French Club Friends of Rachel
Future Farmers of America Future Business Leaders of America German Club
Key Club Latin Club Living Green
Poet’s Society Science Club Skills USA
Spanish Club Technology Student Association Ultimate Frisbee
Women and Men by birth; Ladies and Gentlemen by Choice Youth of Virginia Speak Out  


Art Club

Sponsors: Mrs. Hubble  (room 408)

Description: Must sign up with your Art teacher. Our meeting time will be used for organizational planning. Most of our in-depth projects are worked on after school or on weekends. In the past we have sponsored a canned food drive, which helped a needy family during the Holiday season. Several fundraisers are in the planning stages. Money from the fundraisers helps to purchase art materials and supplies and provide funds for our Scholarship program. Listen for information on joining the Art Club on the announcements or from your Art teacher. Join the fun, Get involved.

Requirement(s): Must be currently enrolled in Art class to be a member.

Dues: $7.00

Max. No. of Students: 30


Book Club

Sponsor: Ms. Bohn & Mrs. Ellis (Library)

Description: A chance to meet other students who enjoy reading. We will discuss new books, what you are reading, new issues in the book world. We will also introduce new technology into your reading routine! We will make an effort to promote reading to the entire student body. Additional activities may include viewing movies based on the various reading.

Requirement(s): Must love to read.

Dues: $5.00

Max. No. of Students: 20


Chess Club

Sponsors: Mr. Esposito (room 505)

Description: Learn how to play chess and/or better your chess skills.

Requirements(s): Must want to play chess.

Dues: None

Max. No. of Students: 25


Disc Golf Club

Sponsors: Mr. Ellis (room 415)

Description: Disc Golf is one of the fastest growing sports in the world. It is played similar to regular golf, but instead specialized discs (or Frisbees) are thrown towards targets, called baskets. There are numerous courses in our area that we will play throughout the school year. A beautiful and challenging 18 hole course was built in 2009 at Falling Creek Park just south of Bedford City. There are also two courses in Roanoke, one in Lynchburg, and one in Franklin County.


The disc golf club will meet on club days at SRHS where we will practice throwing techniques and discuss where and when each round will be played. We hope to play once every two weeks throughout the year. The club member will be responsible for a ride to the course we will play. The club member is not required to join all rounds of disc golf, but is expected to be part of the majority of the club activities. If other sports will interfere greatly with your presence, please consider it. At year’s end, we will have a final tournament, which will include a cookout at Falling Creek Park.

Dues: $25.00

Max. No. of Students: 25

*Membership fee includes three discs and food for the year-end cookout.

Diversity Club


Description: This club was meant to bring the student body together as a family. The Diversity Club is intended to celebrate the differences with the student body and the community in which we live in and helping students become more open to and less threatened by difference. We must help students become compassionate and analytical, able to interact with people from a variety of backgrounds with humility and the ability to sidestep any stereotypes that they might have.

Requirement(s): Students must come with an open mind.

Dues: None

Max. No. of Students: 30

Debate Club

Sponsor: Mrs. McAllister (room 201)

Description: We offer the SRHS student body the opportunity to learn more about VHSL and NFL debate and more about SRHS debate team. Even so, a student does not need to be a club member in order to be on the debate team. Please see Mrs. McAllister for more information.

Requirement(s): Students who are willing to commit to the Debate Team and VHSL competition will be allowed to join Debate Club.

Dues: None

Max. No. of Students: 20

Eagle Pride Club (formerly the Varsity Club)

Sponsor: Ms. Bair, Ms. Crivaro, Mrs. Gillespie, Mrs. Sigmon, & Mrs. Schmitt

Description: Boost school spirit and support for all competitive sports and activities.

Requirement(s): Must be in good standing with the school.

Dues: $10 for Club t-shirt to be worn when volunteering at events 

Max. No. of Students: 40


Family, Career, and Community Leaders of America (FCCLA)

Sponsors: Ms. J.A. Hall & Mrs. Brown (room 206)

Description: Students have the opportunity to expand their leadership potential and develop skills for life to include planning, goal setting, problem solving, decision-making and interpersonal communication - necessary in the home and workplace. This club is for community outreach. First 30 people to pay dues will be our members for the year.

Requirement(s): Must be a current or previous FACS student

Dues: $15.00

Max. No. of Students: 20 

Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA)

Sponsor: Mr. Harris & Mr. Gibbs (room 109)

Description: “To present to athletes and coaches, and all whom they influence, the challenge and adventure of receiving Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord, serving Him in their relationships and in the fellowship of church.” “Our relationships will demonstrate commitment to Jesus Christ and His Word through integrity, serving, teamwork, and excellence.”

Requirement(s): Must have accepted Jesus Christ as personal Lord and Savior, or seeking information to make such a decision. Open to all students.

Dues: no dues

Max. No. of Students: N/A 


Sponsor: Mr. Case (room 221)

Description: The Forensics club is for any SRHS students who are already a member of the school team. Team members can come and practice their pieces and have fellow teammates critique their work, honing their skill even further.

Dues: None

Max. No. of Students: N/A


French Club

Sponsor: Ms. Boyd (room 106)

Description: French club is open to any student currently enrolled in French.  Club days will be reserved for cultural activities, crafts, games and exploration and will include themed snacks based on the french speaking world.

Dues: $10.00

Max. No. of Students: 25 

Friends of Rachel- AFTER SCHOOL ONLY

Sponsors: Ms. Boyd (room 106) 

Description: The FOR's club main goal is to create permanent cultural change at SRHS.  The goal is to have a campus that is welcoming, safe and filled with kindness and compassion.

Requirement(s): Anyone may join, but must be willing to meet a list of requirements that will be given out at the first meeting.

Dues: None

Max. No. of Students: 35 per club

Future Farmers of America (FFA)

Sponsor: Ms. Flora & Mrs. McAndrew (meets in the Auditorium)

Description: FFA is the co-curricular organization for students enrolled in Agriculture classes. Activities can include Career Development Events (contests) at Federation, Area, State and National levels; local activities like cook-outs, Parent/Member Banquet, FFA Week fun, monthly club meetings, Big Buck contest, citrus fruit sales; participation in State Convention; leadership opportunities and cooperative activities with organizations like 4-H and the Farm Bureau.

Requirement(s): Must be currently enrolled in an Agriculture class. Must have paid dues in order to participate.

Dues: $10.00 after 9/25 will increase to $15.00

Max. No. of Students: Determined by Ag. Class enrollments


Future Business Leaders of America (FBLA)

Sponsor: Mr. Lorenz (room 108)

Description: We offer the business students the opportunity to participate in a professional club that encourages their skills in the classroom and the community. Activities will be determined based upon student interests.

Dues: $10.00 (For State & National Membership dues)

Max. No. of Students: 20


German Club

Sponsor: Mrs. McQueen (room 316)

Description: On club days we will play German games and enjoy snacks. Several times during the school year, we will have movie and pizza night in room 316. All movies will be popular new or recent releases and will be school appropriate.

Requirement(s): Students must be in German class.

Dues: $10.00

Max. No. of Students: 30

Key Club

Sponsors: Mrs. Esposito (room 205)

Description: Key Club is an international, student-led organization providing its members with opportunities to perform service, build character, and develop leadership. The vision of SRHS Key Club is to develop competent, capable, and caring leaders through the vehicle of service. Activities the club has participated in the last few years include the following: Supporting the Bedford Shelter for Abused/Battered Women, collecting can/dry foods for the homeless shelter, sponsoring a Benefit Concert for the Leukemia Foundation, Working at the Point-to-Point horse races in Forest in May, Road Clean-Up Project (Meade Valley Road), collecting change from friends and family ($10.00) for the Saint Jude Hospital, collecting change from friends and family ($10.00) for UNICEF.  You may sign up any time for Key Club. We encourage anyone who is interested in being a member to join our club but you MUST be willing to work and follow through with the projects we choose to pursue.

Requirement(s): All students who join Key Club are expected to participate 100% in the activities the club decides to participate and/or support. If a student does not participate, he/she will be putting their membership in jeopardy for the following year.

Dues: $12.00 and 2 jars of peanut butter (18 oz. size). Dues must be paid no later than November 30, 2017.

Max. No. of Students: N/A


Latin Club

Sponsor: Lisa Butler (room 315)

Description: The Latin Club is designed to give Latin students a time for extra Roman/Italian cultural activities, such as viewing videos/pictures from previous student trips to Italy, eating biscotti and drinking cappuccino, playing Roman numeral bingo, and discussing other topics of interest. In the past the club has held group outings to Olive Garden and has participated in community service projects.

Requirement(s): Must be in a Latin Class currently or have taken at least one full year of Latin in the past; will meet during club days; possibly group activities scheduled a couple of evenings throughout the year.

Dues: $10.00

Max. No. of Students: 50


Living Green

Sponsor: Ms. Daniel (room 209)

Description: Our aim is to increase individual awareness of environmental problems that impact our community in order to tackle issues dealing with global warming, deforestation, pollution, and animal rights. We want to expand this awareness throughout our school and community through service-learning projects in the hopes of improving our local environment. Our goal is to focus on how environmentally friendly concepts can be applied in our individual homes, school, and community in order to make our little part of the world a better place for all living creatures. Some ideas for projects: Setting up recycling bins on campus, recycle cell phones and athletic shoes for the Shelter Alliance, clean our campus and community, and research environmental practices other schools are using and finding ways to apply them locally.

Requirement(s): A one page essay stating reasons you want to become a member and your personal green goal will be required for all who wish to participate. This essay will be waived if you have already done at least 10 volunteer service mornings performing duties prior to the first meeting. Students who wish to join the club must commit to emptying bins and participating in responsibilities that will better our environment and community. We are expanding to more community service activities and continuing some that we are already involved with Bedford County recycling offices and the Alliance Shelter. We will discuss these on-going and new projects at the first meeting. Club members must attend these meetings in order to truly make an impact. Do not sign up for this club if you are not willing to make a commitment to our school, community and projects that we undertake.

Dues: $10.00 due at the first meeting          

Max. No. of Students: 20

Poet’s Society

Sponsor: Mr. Miller (room 110)

Description: The Poet’s Society is committed to improving student writing, and sending it out to publishers. This club will give the students an opportunity to become young authors, and to work in a learning community that will enhance their writing. Emphasis will be given to genre and style—students will love it! Also, students will run a webzine, or “web magazine,” publishing student writing. We will send out calls for papers and learn proper protocol for doing so. Some meetings will take place after school.

Requirement(s): Students must come to all meetings, submit multiple drafts of their writing, sort through submissions (for the webzine), commit to the writing process, be ready to share their writing with the club every meeting, and must be unafraid to be themselves!

Dues: None

Max. No. of Students: 20


Science Club

Sponsors: Ms. Hutchings (room 506)

Description: The purpose of this club is to give students the opportunity to have a more extensive science experience. Possible activities include virtual or weekend virtual trips, rocket or robot construction, demonstrations and other activities.

Requirement(s): Membership to Science Club is open to all Science students.

Dues: None

Max. No. of Students: N/A



Sponsor: Mr. Morris (room 412)

Description: DECA is a youth organization for juniors and seniors enrolled in the Marketing Education program. Students participate in leadership on the district, state, and national levels.

Requirement(s): Must be enrolled in the Marketing program.

Dues: $20.00

Max. No. of Students: All Marketing students


Spanish Club

Sponsor: Mr. Case (room 221)

Requirement(s): Students must presently be enrolled in a Spanish class and have completed Spanish 1. Students must be willing to attend all meetings, before, during or after school. They must be willing to participate in all activities, which may include; community service, movie nights, trips and fundraising activities.

Dues: $10.00

Max. No. of Students: 40


Technology Student Association (TSA)

Sponsors: Mr. Smith & Mr. Terry (CTE-5)

Description: The TSA is an integral part of the instructional program of the Technology Education classes. It promotes leadership skills, high standards of craftsmanship, scholarship, and safety. Opportunities are provided for involvement with the community’s industrial and technological resources, in parliamentary procedures and democratic decision-making, and for recognition for exemplary performance through competition. Club will focus on VEX Robotic competitions in the region and the regional TSA competition.

Requirement(s): Must be or have been enrolled in one of our Technology Education classes this school year.

Dues: $20.00

Max. No. of Students: 15

Ultimate Frisbee

Sponsors: Mr. Smallwood (gym) Mr. Weller (gym)

Description: This is a club for those who would like to learn about and engage in the game of Ultimate Frisbee. The club is open to all levels of ability. Come and learn how to throw and catch a disc. Come and get some exercise.

Additional Description: Ultimate Frisbee combines the non-stop movement and athletic endurance of soccer with the aerial passing skills of football. A game of Ultimate is played by two seven-player squads with a high-tech plastic disc on a field similar to football. The object of the game is to score by catching a pass in the opponent's end zone. A player must stop running while in possession of the disc, but may pivot and pass to any of the other receivers on the field. Ultimate is a transition game in which players move quickly from offense to defense on turnovers that occur with a dropped pass, and interception, a pass out of bounds, or when a player is caught holding the disc for more than ten seconds. Ultimate is governed by the Spirit of the Game, a tradition of sportsmanship that places the responsibility for fair play on the players rather than referees.

Requirement(s): Students will need to meet PE dress code requirements.

Dues: none

Max. No. of Students: 40


Women and Men by birth; Ladies and Gentlemen by Choice

Sponsor: Ms. Walsh (room 501A)

Description: Motto: Changing lives one student at a time.

  1. Academic: Tutoring, Study Skill, Test-taking Skills, Career Counseling and Goal Setting
  2. Personal Development: Health, Hygiene, Grooming, Dress, Communication and Time Management.
  3. Leadership: Selecting Positive Role Models, Training, Attitudes, Public Speaking and Appearance.
  4. Social Development: Current Events, Etiquette, Dating, Cultural Activities, Community Affairs and Travel

This mentoring program is designed to serve as a system of support to high school students in grades 9-12.  It exists to build self-esteem, promote and improve academic success, and encourage social awareness.  Through participation in this program, many of the young men and women involved are given a proactive opportunity as opposed to a remedial strategy to enhance their self-esteem.  By intervening at the high school level, our students will continue to establish a positive image for themselves, which will lead to greater confidence in the choices they make.  This will result in a positive influence on our campus as our students achieve academic success while training to become our leaders of tomorrow.

Dues: None

Max. No. of Students: N/A


Youth of Virginia Speak Out (YOVASO)

Sponsor: Deputy Cook (room 509)

Description: This is a student driven club with the intention to make driving safe for students, faculty, friends, neighbors, and pedestrians. Its sole purpose is to help make our communities interact together safer while transporting people and goods on the highways. Some examples would be encouraging the use of seat belts, driving the posted speeds, adjusting your normal driving to the environment and weather, also seeking ideas to make our highways safer.

Requirement(s): 10th-12th graders willing to meet before, during, or beyond the school day. This may be for anyone interested in law enforcement, teaching or just someone who cares about other people.

Dues: None

Max. No. of Students: 30

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