School Dress Code

Bedford County Public Schools

2018-2019 Dress Code

Secondary Schools (Grades 6-12)

In order to promote an orderly and safe learning environment while preparing students for success in the world of work, dress guidelines have been established. While most students dress appropriately and safely for school, the School Board and school staff rely on students and parents to exercise good judgement in promoting modesty and decency so as not to disrupt the learning environment. This means that a student’s dress, grooming, and appearance, including hairstyle, jewelry, and makeup shall be safe, appropriate, and shall not disrupt or interfere with the educational process.  Dress that is disruptive, distracting, revealing, or interferes with the educational process will not be acceptable.
Administrators will enforce the following dress code standards, and the administration at each school reserves the right to make decisions regarding appropriate appearance.
The Bedford County Public School Dress Code prohibits the wearing of any of the following:
  • Bedroom slippers, pajamas, or sleepwear;
  • Clothing or accessories that advertise, glorify, or symbolize any illegal substance, alcohol, drugs, tobacco e-cigarettes, or illegal acts;
  • Clothing or accessories that contain vulgar, derogatory, violent, or suggestive diagrams, pictures, words, or slogans;
  • Clothing or accessories with gang insignia or symbols;
  • Fish hooks;
  • Spiked jewelry, clothing, and accessories;
  • Wallet chains that exceed six inches;
  • Heavy chains worn as jewelry or belts and free swinging chains;
  • Any clothing that exposes or highlights private areas or exposes an excessive amount of skin;
  • Exposed undergarments with the exception of camisoles and bralettes worn under acceptable clothing;
  • Oversized clothing that causes sagging pants, skirts, shorts, or skorts;
  • Pants, skirts, shorts, or skorts worn low on the hips so that undergarments or bare skin is exposed;
  • Any bottom above the mid-thigh when standing or sitting;
  • Revealing, immodest necklines three or more inches from the lower part of the collarbone;
  • Sheer or transparent clothing;
  • Hats, head covers, visors, hoods, and sunglasses are not permitted in the building (unless prior arrangements are made with the principal for medical or religious reasons);
  • Heelies or footwear with wheels;
  • Tube tops are not permissible; a top must have straps above the underarm;
  • Tops that are cut so short that bare skin in the midriff area is exposed;
    Tops with large arm holes, muscle shirts, mesh shirts, and athletic undershirts; and
    Trench coats.
Note: Shoes must be worn at all times


Student Dress Code and Special Circumstances:
  • Some classroom activities and curriculum may require specific dress guidelines (e.g., physical education).  Any such changes will be explained by the teacher and addressed in the course syllabus/parent letter.
  • Administrators, coaches, and sponsors may suspend portions of the dress code and allow students to wear other appropriate attire at special activities.  Such activities may be related to field days, theme days, field trips, physical education, cheerleading, athletics, and band.


Dispositions for Violations of the Dress Code (One or More May Apply):
  • Option to alter the inappropriate dress to meet the dress code
  • Referral to school counselor
  • Referral to a school administrator
  • Student conference
  • Parent contact
  • In-School Suspension (ISS)
  • Dress Code Discipline Packet
  • Detention
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